Sunday, May 24, 2009

OSGi Resources

It’s being time now that I have been following on the developments made on the OSGi. The more I explore and the more I am impressed by the features.
Recently OSGI 4.2 has been released with pretty cool features.
My idea is not to explain or share my experiences but to consolidate the OSGi resources, which are scattered on the Web.

Short Introduction
OSGi (Open Service Gateway initiative) was initially developed and used with the network devices, but after seeing its capabilities it has been introduced to the world of Internet (my perspective - that’s what ‘i’ denotes)

OSGi Specifications

Quick Walk through about the features

Though specifications itself explains lot of its potential but here is just a snapshot of its capabilities.
1. A real component based programming which build on acronyms like loose coupling and High cohesion.
2. Versioning is possible and dependencies can be specified in the standard configuration file “”.
3. Different versions of the same component can exist and can be run in isolation in the same VM.
4. Dynamic updates can be done to the components without interrupting the normal functioning of the components or the server.
5. Provides a huge bunch of bundles known as Oscar Bundle Repository

Products build on OSGi specifications: - Bundle
1. Apache Felix
2. Equinox
3. Spring DM and DM Server
4. Apache Riena
5. Apache CXF

OSGi Blogs

OSGi as product
OSGi Based Application Server
OSGi Based ESB

Who is using OSGi

OSGi in SOA/ Webservices

Build and deploy OSGi as Spring bundles using Felix

Spring-WS jars are now OSGi bundles

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